Saturday, June 16, 2012

25% off and more on vintage crochet, knit, and craft books

Yes, you heard me right.  25% off and more off of all vintage crochet, knit, and craft books.  The largest discount ever given.

Here is a list of the books and some pictures as well:

7 Best Afghans

Gifts-Dog Coat,Pullover,Crochet Popcorn Tea Cosies, Knit Cosies, (Cozy),Slippers, Tissue Cover

Vintage Coats Clark Book 169-Americana Afghan

Vintage 1975 Coats and Clark Book 245 Cover-Ups-Coats,Sweaters,Turtleneck-Knit-Crochet Patterns

Vintage Star Book 207-Crochet Flowers, Tissue Toppers, Dish Cloth Totes,Dolls, Toys

Aunt Lydia's Rug Yarn Collection-Star Book 225

1990 Red Heart Spring Time Afghans-Puff Sittch, Flowers, Aran

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Welcome To Family Collectibles

 Welcome to Family Collectibles 4 U blog.  From time to time, I will highlight other Etsy shops, my recent favorites, my new listings, sales events, plus articles on vintage items.  There are so many cool toys, collectibles, jewelry, etc. that was created a long time ago.  They bring back memories from my childhood.

Family Collectibles Sales Event
New low prices on vintage jewelry. Most jewelry comes in an adorable gift box, with a cute bow, with flowers. The vintage hat, purse, and glove sale is ending soon.  All of the prices are already low.

Vintage Denim Hat-Hippy Style.  This was one my mother's hats.  I just love the style of this hat.

These are a couple of my all time favorite hats:

Here is my Etsy shop